Donate today to get kids off the floor and into a bed.


The last thing a child should have to think about is where they are going to sleep.

March is National Sleep Awareness Month and it is the perfect time to highlight the importance of a good night’s sleep. With a focus this month on improving sleep habits, we can’t forget the thousands of children in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton who go to bed each night without a proper place to sleep.

New Life Furniture Bank’s annual drive to collect gently used beds and home furnishings is in full swing. Last year, we distributed nearly 1,900 beds, but with the number of families in need growing, our goal this year is to provide over 2,500 beds to help get children off the floor.

Every night thousands of children in our community lie their heads on the floor to sleep because they don’t have a bed.

Families of children living in poverty often cannot afford beds for everyone, often forcing them to share a small bed with their parents or siblings, sleep in a sleeping bag, or even worse, sleep on the floor. Childhood poverty affects children’s nutrition, self-perception, and behavior, with bed-poverty taking one of the biggest tolls on poor children.

The latest American Community Survey estimates that more than 89,000 kids in our Tri-State area are affected by child poverty, with many of them lacking a bed to sleep in.

You can help change this!

The Need Is Urgent – How to Help

Your donations of gently used beds and home furnishings can make a huge difference in the lives of these children. Join us in raising awareness and taking action to ensure that every child has a safe and comfortable place to sleep, every single night. Let's make a difference and give these children the gift of a peaceful, restful night's sleep.

MAKE a bed for a Sleepyhead

Host a pillow or bedding drive to help NLFB provide an estimated 2,500 NEW bed pillows and clean bedding this year!

Boy reading in bed
GIFT a bed to a Sleepyhead

A $250 gift to NLFB’s “Beds For Sleepyheads” campaign will be used to purchase a complete twin bed set, deliver, and set up in the home of a child without one. Click below to make a gift today!

GIVE a bed to a Sleepyhead

Donate clean, gently-used mattresses & box springs to NLFB and they will go directly into the home of a child in need. Click below to schedule a drop off or pick up of your items.