Provide Beds For Sleepyheads

Together, we can make a difference!

Your donations of gently used beds and home furnishings can make a huge difference in the lives of these children. Join us in raising awareness and taking action to ensure that every child has a safe and comfortable place to sleep, every single night. Let's make a difference and give these children the gift of a peaceful, restful night's sleep.

MAKE a bed for a Sleepyhead

Host a pillow or bedding drive to help NLFB provide an estimated 2,500 NEW bed pillows and clean bedding this year!

GIFT a bed to a Sleepyhead

A $250 gift to NLFB’s “Beds For Sleepyheads” campaign will be used to purchase a complete bed set, deliver, and set up in the home of a child without one.

GIVE a bed to a Sleepyhead

Donate clean, gently-used mattresses & box springs to NLFB and they will go directly into the home of a child in need. Click below to schedule a drop off or pick up of your items.

Ensuring Sweet Dreams: Empowering Children with a Restful Night’s Sleep

The last thing a child should have to think about is where they are going to sleep. As March ushers in National Sleep Awareness Month, the significance of a good night’s sleep takes center stage. While we delve into enhancing our sleep habits, it’s crucial to cast a compassionate light on the thousands of children residing in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton who rest their heads each night without the comfort of a proper bed.

A March of Transformation: New Life Furniture Bank’s Mission

With the dawn of this month, a mission of profound impact unfolds. New Life Furniture Bank embarks on its annual drive to collect gently used beds and home furnishings. Last year, our efforts resulted in the distribution of over 2,000 beds – a remarkable achievement. Yet, as the number of families in need continues to rise, this year’s aspiration soars even higher: to provide over 2,500 beds, extending a lifeline to children in need and helping them transition from the floor to a cozy bed.

A Harsh Reality: Children Sleeping on the Floor

In our very own community, an unsettling reality persists: countless children lay their heads on the cold, hard floor each night, robbed of the basic comfort of a bed. The stark truth is that families grappling with poverty often find themselves unable to afford beds for every member. This forces children to share cramped spaces with parents or siblings, curl up in sleeping bags, or endure the cruel reality of sleeping on the unforgiving floor.

The Impact of Childhood Poverty: Beyond the Physical

Childhood poverty casts a far-reaching shadow, impacting not only a child’s physical well-being but also their emotional and psychological states. Nutrition suffers, self-perception takes a hit, and behavior is influenced. Amongst these struggles, bed-poverty emerges as a particularly heart-wrenching issue, further amplifying the hardships that disadvantaged children endure.

The Urgent Need for Change: Empowering Children through Beds

Recent statistics from the American Community Survey bear witness to the scope of the problem. Over 89,000 kids in our Tri-State area bear the weight of child poverty, a staggering number that resonates with the dire need for intervention. Many of these children lack something so basic – a bed to sleep in, a place to dream and rejuvenate.

Be the Change: Join the Movement

As National Sleep Awareness Month envelops us, let’s stand united in our commitment to ensure that every child knows the comfort of a bed. Your involvement can range from donating gently used beds and home furnishings to spreading the word about this pressing issue. Through our collective efforts, we can rewrite the narrative for thousands of children, guiding them towards a brighter, more rested future.

Let’s rewrite the script together. Join hands with New Life Furniture Bank as we work tirelessly to turn floors into beds, dreams into reality, and hardships into hope. It’s not just about improving sleep; it’s about nurturing dreams and nurturing the potential of every child in our community.