Design With A Heart

Design with a Heart is a program for local interior designers to volunteer their creative skills and help turn empty houses into stylish homes for families overcoming very difficult circumstances. This act of kindness makes people feel special, loved, and cherished in a world that often feels daunting for them. Their newly decorated space can now be a place where they feel joyful and peaceful throughout their day. 

Design with a Heart

Client Stories

Everyone has a story. Learn more about the difficult circumstances that our clients have overcome, and how New Life Furniture Bank is able to bring hope and dignity through furnishings and design to those who are starting over.

Meet April

April and her sweet children endured hardships in the last few years, and they eventually found themselves homeless. They have overcome their difficult circumstances, and furniture has given them peace and joy in their home. They can now gather as a family at the dining room table, enjoy family time in the living room and also sleep well in their beds. April has recently been promoted at work, her kids are thriving at school, and now contributes as a New Life Furniture Bank Executive Board Member.

Meet Jennie

Jennie, a recovering addict and mom with 3 daughters, is making a fresh start with her newly decorated and furnished home. Julie Anne Baur & Chandler Dektas at Winding Lane Interiors recently completely redesigned Jennie’s home and partnered with us for furniture and beds. We’re so proud of Jennie! She has been sober for over 26 months, is working full time, and is focused on raising her 3 daughters in a comfortable home they can be proud of. 

Meet Ebony

We were so pleased to partner with the design team at Design to Market Home Staging to make Ebony’s family feel LOVED during the holiday season. Ebony is a hardworking mom of three kids and beloved Dunkin’ employee, who suddenly found herself homeless after an unexpected eviction. One day while visiting Dunkin’ Donuts, a loyal customer Susan Burke noticed that Ebony hadn’t been at work in a few days, so she inquired about Ebony. Susan soon realized that Ebony had to take time off because she and her family had been evicted from her home. Susan helped Ebony find housing and connected with Design to Market Home Staging and New Life Furniture Bank to make sure Ebony and her kids are living in a warm and comfortably furnished home –  just in time for Christmas.

Meet Lakeesha

LaKeesha is a Veteran who recently relocated to Cincinnati for a fresh start, and needed furnishings for her and her sons. She was nominated for our Design with a Heart program through the Veteran’s Administration and was matched with local interior designer, Ricci Jackson of Your Design Partner. Ricci created a very stylish and comfortable home for Lakeesha and her kids. We are very honored to serve this deserving Veteran and her family.

Meet Carolyn

Carolyn’s apartment building caught fire one day while she was home. She narrowly escaped as a fireball was coming down the hall on her way out. This unfortunate circumstance led to Carolyn being relocated into another apartment without any furniture. As a 75 year old woman, she didn’t have a job or enough money to replace her belongings, so she was referred to New Life Furniture Bank by her case manager. Designers Aubrie Welsh, Lara roller, and Jessica Davies from Aubrie Welsh Interiors teamed up with us to create something extra special for Carolyn. The Aubrie Welsh Interiors team learned from Carolyn that she wanted a peaceful beachy vibe and that she loves trees and other natural wonders. After consulting with Carolyn, the designers picked out the perfect furniture in our warehouse, and then the movers from New Life Furniture Bank delivered everything she needed to make her home feel peaceful and comfortable.

Meet Dominique

Dominique, and her two sons recently moved into an unfurnished apartment. Upon moving into her empty apartment, partnering agency, Bethany House, referred Dominique to New Life Furniture Bank. We wanted to do something special for Dominique, so we asked Kent Shaw and Christie Crawford from Bello Design Group to volunteer their time and amazing design skills to design Dominique’s home with her style in mind.  Kent and Christie agreed and met with Dominique in her new home to see the space, talk about her favorite colors, and understand her vision. Her precious sons definitely wanted Fortnite and Woody characters in their rooms as well! Kent and Christie certainly brought Dominique’s vision to life!  Using New Life Furniture Bank’s furniture from the warehouse, and adding small touches like bedding, artwork, and accessories, Dominique’s house transformed into the warm and welcoming home she was seeking! We’re so excited for Dominique, and hope that God continues to bless her in amazing ways!

Meet Cameron

Cameron is a young adult who recently aged out of the foster system. Cameron recently moved back to Cincinnati, and reached out to his former foster family, and his foster parent noticed that Cameron was living in a sparsely furnished living room. He was sleeping on an air mattress and had a few camping chairs set up to sit on. A case manager from a referring social service agency reached out to New Life Furniture Bank for help. We were able to get Matt Knotts and Sara Zoller from High St. Designs. Cameron is thriving! He’s in school and working, and trying to build a new life for himself. 

Tank using furniture that was donated to New Life Furniture Bank
Meet Michella, Steven, & Tank

Michella and Steven sold everything they owned and left a violent neighborhood in Chicago on a Greyhound bus to move to a safer place for their grandson, Tank. A relative gave them money for a hotel room, but they only had enough money for a couple of nights, so they slept on park benches outside. They were homeless for a week, then Samuel Adams Landis, co-founder and executive director of Maslow’s Army met the family and brought them to a shelter called Heart House.  Within six weeks, Steven and Michella were able to find jobs and permanent housing. Maslow’s Army and local interior designer, Julie Anne Baur, from Winding Lane Interiors, connected with New Life Furniture Bank to furnish this family’s new home. Julie Anne made sure to include Tank in her design consultation before shopping for the finishing touches in their home.  Tank’s favorite superhero is Spiderman, so Julie Anne wanted to make sure he had an awesome Spiderman room of his very own! This family felt loved and the final decorating touches in this house made it feel like the safe and welcoming home they were looking for.

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Brian Gibson and Daymia & Son
Meet Daymia

Recently, Daymia and her 3 sons fled homelessness, and landed in a new unfurnished apartment in Cincinnati. Partnering agency, Bethany House referred Daymia for furniture, and Brian Gibson from DIGS – Real Estate – Design- Construction was able to volunteer his time and talent to turn Daymia’s house into a home. Brian met with Daymia prior to moving to understand exactly how she wanted to make her small space very functional and stylish. This 2 bedroom home was furnished, decorated and accessorized with all of Daymia’s favorite colors and decorating style. Tears of joy were shed on reveal day when Daymia was able to see the design come to life!  We’re so happy for Daymia’s “new life” in her new home!

Still Have Questions?

If you would like to volunteer your interior design skills for our Design with a Heart program, contact Heather Voit at [email protected] or call 513-313-0530.
Sarah bringing donated furniture into clients home.