New Life Furniture Bank Opening a Furniture Thrift Store in June 2022

New Life Furniture Bank is pleased to announce the opening of New Life Furniture Thrift Store, coming June 1 to the Sharonville Plaza.

New Life Furniture Thrift Store will help advance the furniture bank’s mission of turning empty houses into homes for those starting over from significant life challenges, while supporting the organization’s financial sustainability. This will be the region’s only home furnishings-focused thrift store, providing a highly curated shopping experience for affordable home furnishings and hidden treasures in a clean, brightly lit retail location that spans 15,000 square feet.

“After years of planning and preparation, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our thrift store,” said Dana Saxton, executive director of New Life Furniture Bank. “We are so grateful to the community foundations and partners whose contributions have made this endeavor possible including The Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile Foundation, The Mayerson Foundation, Crossroads Church and the George B. Riley Foundation.”

Similar to New Life Furniture Bank, New Life Furniture Thrift Store is dependent on donations of gently used furniture, home décor, and accessories. “The thrift store will not only help meet the need for quality, affordable used furniture in our community, but will also be a wonderful shopping destination for the increasing number of people who are looking for ways to support sustainability and re-use of resources in our communities,” said Saxton.

The thrift store will allow the organization to accept a wider variety of donations. “Community members can donate everything from gently used furniture to functioning appliances and exercise equipment, to kitchen wares, décor and even clothing. The need for furniture continues to rise, and we’re looking forward to helping more people enjoy the comforts of a bed, couch or kitchen table. The thrift store will help us achieve that, in addition to being a great place to shop,” said Saxton.

Saxton emphasized that the requests for furniture have increased significantly in 2022 while donations have remained consistent. “If you’re spring cleaning, please contact us and we’ll pick up your donation!” she offered.