Stress and Opportunity at the Heart of Moving Season

We are well into the heart of moving season, generally recognized to span from April through September. In fact, the first Friday in June can be the number one moving day of the year. Layer that with graduation and wedding season, and you have a lot of busy schedules with little time to worry about details. For example, what to do with the items you no longer need, want or have room for?

Take a Load Off Your Mind and Your Moving Truck

Moving season means different things to different people. For us, moving season represents a chance to solve the age-old problem of what to do with stuff that no longer fits, or no longer fits the bill. Whether you’re downsizing, rightsizing, upgrading or simply moving on, if you’re moving, you’re probably challenged with what to do with unwanted furniture.

Perhaps you had a guest room, and now you’re moving into a new place where you’d rather have a den or office instead, and now you have a bedroom set that you no longer need. You certainly don’t want to move it, and you have no reason to store it. Maybe you will be able to send some items away curbside, but the rules are challenging. And most of that goes straight to the landfill. This is the perfect opportunity for you to save those items from the landfill by letting us pick it up from you instead.

Save Your Back, the Environment, and a Family in Need

Volunteers delivering furniture to houseHow often do you get the chance to take a load off yourself and gift it to someone who will receive it like gold? We help make that happen every day.

For you, the stress of moving is probably wrapped up in questions like:

  • What will the move cost in time, energy and money?
  • What’s the order of operations and timing of everything?
  • How can I make this easier instead of more complicated?

For many, moving is everyday stress about finding the next safe space to live and lay their heads. Our agency partners help them find housing, but there’s still another big step – furniture!

Helping with that Step Can Make Your Move One Step Easier

Once you know what you’re not keeping, all you need to do is give us a call at (513) 313-0530 . We’ll schedule the pickup and take care of it from there.