Amazon Smile program is an easy way to donate to New Life Furniture Bank

Embrace the Power of Shopping with Purpose: Amazon Smile and New Life Furniture Bank

As the exciting whirlwind of Amazon Prime Day discounts sweeps across your screen, we have a remarkable opportunity that aligns the joy of shopping with the power of giving back. Picture this: every click, every cart addition, every purchase contributing to a cause close to our hearts. It’s simple yet impactful, and it all starts with a smile.

A Smile That Transforms: Amazon Smile and New Life Furniture Bank

As you embark on your shopping journey today, consider taking a small detour that makes a world of difference. Instead of the usual Amazon route, venture into the realm of smiles – Amazon Smile, to be precise. By accessing Amazon through the special Amazon Smile URL (, a magical connection forms. A connection that allows you to turn your shopping spree into a meaningful act of kindness.

Your Shopping, Their Smiles: Amazon Smile Supports New Life Furniture Bank

Here’s how it works: when you land on the Amazon Smile page, you’re presented with the option to choose a charity that resonates with you. And what better choice than New Life? By selecting New Life as your designated charity, a portion of your online sale will gracefully waltz its way to New Life Furniture Bank. It’s like adding an extra layer of purpose to your every purchase.

Beyond Prime Day: Continual Giving with Amazon Smile

But here’s the exciting part: the impact isn’t limited to this special Prime Day. Yes, the sales and discounts might only be here for a day, but the power of giving can continue long after. The Amazon Smile link remains your gateway to consistent generosity. After you’ve navigated to and set the stage for giving, why not add it to your bookmarks? This simple addition ensures that each time you embark on an Amazon adventure, a part of your proceeds is seamlessly allocated to support our mission.

Empowering Homes, Uplifting Lives: The Mission of New Life Furniture Bank

Let’s talk about that mission – it’s not just about furniture. It’s about building homes, rebuilding lives, and instilling hope in those who need it the most. With your support, we’re able to deliver whole home furnishings to families and individuals who are starting anew, often due to the wrenching circumstances of homelessness, domestic violence, and other hardships.

Shopping with a Heart: Amazon Smile Lights Up Lives

Imagine the smiles you’re igniting, the comfort you’re providing, and the fresh starts you’re facilitating. Every chair, every table, every bed becomes a beacon of hope. And with Amazon Smile, that hope extends far beyond today, far beyond Prime Day, to create a lasting impact.

Unleash the Potential: Your Choice, Their Hope

So, as you navigate the digital aisles of discounts, remember that you hold the power to make a profound change. It’s a journey that begins with a smile and continues with every purchase, every bookmarked link, and every heart you touch. Together, we can transform shopping into a force for good, an act of kindness that resonates with each click.

Join the Journey: Prime Day and Beyond

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your choice to shop with purpose brightens lives, one smile at a time. Let’s embrace this opportunity, not just for Prime Day, but for every day, to create a ripple effect of compassion and change.